The Wanderer

acoustic flashback

Acoustic Flashback Franklin, Indiana Three seniors doing what they love to do.since 1970s.

Halloween Cabaret – Monster Mash

monster mash

The Monster Mash Cincinnati, Ohio The Traveling Song & Dance Troupe features John Wolff, Leo Shuller, Karlie Yeazel, Barbie Schwartz and Susan Schapiro as Elvira.  93 year-old Leo Shuller as a Zombie dances in with 25 year-old Karlie Yeazel as Winnie from Hocus Pocus, 86 year-old Barbie Schwartz as Gramma Fairy Witch. We performed in…

Daddy’s Little Man

Charles Geraci Cincinnati, Ohio This is a video of me reciting a poem I wrote for my son. Elijah Geraci was born July 25, 2001 with Down Syndrome and he has been the joy of our lives ever since. Thank you for your consideration.

Revel Studio Seniors Loosen Their Hips

revel studio

Revel Studio Seniors Carmel, Indiana The seniors at Revel Studio under instructor Cindy Schembre believe in “use it or lose it”. You can find us “using it” every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and occasionally on a random street corner in Carmel, IN (after we alert the police first (-: )

Sassy Feet – Proud Mary

sassy feet

Sassy Feet Selma, North Carolina   Sassy feet is a dance troupe representing the Harrison Center for Active Aging. Ages range from 63-75. We perform at town events, senior and church events, and compete in the Senior Games. In addition to giving back to the community, Sassy feet assumes all costs of costumes and traveling.…

Panorama Residents “Stayin’ Alive”

Panorama Senior Apartments - Covington, KY The residents of Panorama Apts. in Covington, KY are at it again! This year they are "Stayin' Alive" by movin' & groovin' for their Benevolent Fund, used to help their friends & neighbors through temporary periods of financial difficulties. We hope that you have as much fun watching this…

Seniors Irresistible

Carriage Hill Apartments – Richmond, Virginia We put a new spin on an old Robert Palmer classic. In our version, SENIORS IRRESISTIBLE, we take crack at showing off our staffs talent and our amazing residents dance moves. We hope that you will enjoy watching it, as much as we enjoyed making it.

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